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Our Transprent Breeding Practices

The International Hedgehog Association Breeder Code of Ethics

As an ethical breeder I...

-will not knowingly breed an unhealthy hedgehog.

-will not sell an animal with significant health issues. If minor health issues that are expected to resolve rapidly, such as a healing scab, are present, I will provide full disclosure and follow-up assistance.

-will keep alert for and work to eradicate inherited problems. 

-will obtain and maintain all required local, regional, and/or federal licensure.

-will represent my hedgehogs as honestly as possible to prospective buyers and will

-try to assist the serious novice in their understanding.

-will not knowingly falsify any records, pedigrees, or registrations.

-will not perform any line breeding without serious consideration as to the potential negative consequences, and will not purposely breed first degree relatives without good reason or without first consulting with others as to the advisability.

 -will ensure that I have experience with hedgehogs as a species and with breeding animals in general before undertaking a hedgehog breeding project.

 -will seek an experienced mentor to assist me when I start breeding hedgehogs, and will seek to increase my knowledge and share knowledge with others as I progress.

-will ensure adequate health care for my hedgehogs.

-will not knowingly breed a hedgehog that may carry a health problem that is suspected of being genetically linked.

-will make a written copy of my policies and guarantees available to all customers, including replacement policy.

 -will feed my hedgehogs a reasonably appropriate diet.

 -will make reasonable efforts to keep my cages free from filth.

 -will provide clean food and water.

 -will provide an environment that is within an appropriate temperature range and understand that atelerix albiventris and/or atelerix algirus are not meant to hibernate.

 -will keep records of my lineage and participate in the International Hedgehog Registry.

 -will provide cages that are sufficiently sized for adequate movement, and that provide adequate ventilation.

 -will make reasonable efforts to ensure that buyers of my hedgehogs are not making an uninformed, impulse purchase and can provide appropriate, long-term care.

 -will not allow babies to leave my care until they are weaned, recognizing that this is generally around 6 weeks old, unless it is under special circumstances and care is taken to meet the baby's needs.

 -Will not openly sell hedgehogs to persons in places where they are illegal, regardless of the level of enforcement that takes place and I will not willingly sell or place a hedgehog into a potentially dangerous situation and/or environment.

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