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Ready for an application?

By filling out this application you verify that you are 18 and over and do not have breeding rights unless given permission by Hedgies in the Pines. We will not give out pedigrees to pet homes. I have each family to fill out an application to ensure that these animals go to the right home. Please fill out this application as DETAILED as possible before submitting.

This application is just for my record-none of your information will be shared with anyone.

All babies are pedigreed and from the best of my knowledge, are free from Wobbly hedgehog syndrome lineage. We do track pedigrees and keep up with updated cases. In the unfortunate case that your hedgehog does have WHS I will replace your baby with veterinary proof. If a situation arises where you are no longer able to care for your hedgehog I will take them back at no cost. If you decide to rehome PLEASE let us know! We want to be in contact with the new owners.

We no longer hold babies for more than 3 days past their weaning date. There will be a holding fee anything past 4 days (with exceptions). Out of state adoptions will need to be paid in full before pick up. Transportation costs will be covered by adopter. We will also do socializing videos once the majority of the babies have reserved homes. Please requests videos and appointments! We want you to be part of the experience.

Please have all your information before submitting the application. All deposits are non refundable. This application does not guarantee a baby. Once your application is revived we take a deposit and hold your baby until pick up day.

After placing your deposit, please schedule a 15-30 minute zoom call for a Q&A about the care of your future hedgehog. During this call you will be able to show us your set up and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. You will also be able to see your hedgehog during this call as well.

RESCUES: we do not give replacements for our rescues if WHS occurs. Rescues will need to be paid in full before pick up. Remember we offer life time support. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your baby. We will always be here to help!

Thank you, Delilah

1. Name:

2. Email:

3. Address:

4. Phone number:

5. Which hedgehog/ Litter are you interested in?

6. Any experience owning a hedgehog?

7. Why do you want a hedgehog? 

8. Does anyone in the household smoke?

9. Any other pets in the house?

10. Any children in the household? Ages?

11. Please list one personal reference and the veterinarian you plan on establishing care with.

Name and best contact way preferred.

We may be contacting references before our applications are accepted.

12. Please provide the type of housing, bedding, and food you will be providing for your new hedgie?

13. Please give me one random fact you learned by researching hedgehogs!

14. Do you have any other hedgehogs in the home?

15. Do you plan on breeding?

16. Do you agree to contact me for your hedgehogs rehoming? We will always take back any hedgehog and rehome if needed.

17. How did you hear about us?

18. Please provide a good method of contact for your meeting. (zoom, facetime, etc)

19. Please provide your ID number for the USDA:

I will need to see the actual habitat before taking one of these little guys home during your video chat session.

Thanks for submitting!


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