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Hedgehog Checklist

Please continue to do further research on these animals as they are an exotic species and information is always changing.

The Basic Items Needed to Take Home One of Our Babies Home

  • Plastic tote or custom-made enclosure with a solid bottom and no wiring unless covered to prevent climbing. We require a minimum of 110 qt storage tote for space.

  • Food and water bowls/bottle- Ramakins work well. The water bottles we use have poultry nipples attached to a bottle. If you are interested in a water bottle they are available for an additional $10 upon request.

  • Litter or fleece (we use equine pine pellets and pine bedding) Please use Anti-Pill Fleece to prevent any strands from collecting on their feet.

  • Please provide multiple hides of varies sizes. Igloos and Soft hides from Amazon are appropriate for your hedgehog.

  • Carolina Storm Wheel or Kaytee wheel-12 inches. Wheels smaller than 12 inches will need to be returned. Small wheels can cause injury to your hedgehogs back. Wheels with holes or split in 2 colors can have slits small enough to injure their toes. 

  • Variety of enrichment-ball pit, cat toys, herbs for scents, sand baths, new treats.

  • High Quality Treats: Live insects (mealworms, super worms, dubia roaches, earthworms, hissing roaches, crickets, slugs), freeze dried bugs are okay in moderation, wet cat food, eggs, boiled meats, pinkies, berries, watermelon, carrots, and broccoli.

Fruits and veggies should be fed in moderations as hedgehogs do not have a cecum to process these types of foods.

  • High quality Indoor cat food with high protein and low fat. We feed a mixture of Hedgehog Precision and a variety of cat food. Our mix recipe will be sent home. A food processor would be a great investment as whole cat food may cause premature wear on their teeth.

Individual heat source. I can’t stress this enough. They NEED to be between 75-80 degrees.

A ceramic heat bulb and lamp with temperature gauge to help maintain the right temperature at all times.

Your little one will be going through a quilling process. This process lasts about 6 weeks. They have new adult quills poking through their skin. Take occasional baths with or without WASH. But definitely continue to handle your baby during the time. 

Items we recommend:


(Aveeno Baby Wash Etc.)

**No shampoo

Toothbrush OR baby brush during a bath 

Kitchen scale to monitor weight gain/loss. We measure our weights in grams.

***If you notice a dip in weight after coming home- it’s normal but shouldn’t be more than 10 grams. Contact us if that becomes an issue. 

Babies are sent home eating dry kibble on their own. Wet the kibble for easier feeding or use a food processor to crush kibble for easier eating 


  • Reptile calcium with Vitamin D 

  • Cricket powder- helps keep odors down

  • Pet friendly CBD

First Aid 

Styptic Powder

Hand Warmers

Oxbow Carnivore Care or Flukers Reptile Boost


Small Cotton Towels

My hedgie check list is the BARE MINIMUM of what you would need for a hedgehog.

Please continue to join groups on Facebook 

-Hedgehogs of the Pacific Northwest 

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