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Hedgehog Checklist

Please continue to do further research on these animals as they are an exotic species and information is always changing.

Basic Items Needed for Bringing Home One of Our Babies

  1. Enclosure:

    • Plastic tote (minimum 110 qt storage tote)

    • C&C Cage

    • Custom-made enclosure with a solid bottom- avoid wooden enclosures

    • No glass tanks or wire cages (unless covered with panels to avoid climbing)

  2. Bowls/Bottle:

    • Food and water bowls or a water bottle with poultry nipples (available for an additional $10)

  3. Bedding:

    • Litter- Paper bedding, equine pine pellets, aspen bedding- avoid cedar shavings

    • Fleece- Anti-Pill Fleece

    • Highly recommend Pistachio's Place on Facebook for custom fleece bedding and snuggle sacks made by Janice Dale

  4. Hides:

    • Multiple hides of various sizes (Igloos and Soft hides from Amazon are suitable)

    • Limit any sharp edges to prevent eye injuries.

  5. Wheel:

    • Carolina Storm Wheel or Kaytee wheel (minimum 12 inches to prevent injury)

    • Avoid the Kaytee Silent Spinner wheel- they must be solid plastic

  6. Enrichment:

    • Variety of toys, ball pit, cat toys, herbs for scents, sand baths, and new treats

  7. Treats:

    • Live insects, freeze-dried bugs (in moderation), wet cat food, eggs, boiled meats, pinkies, berries, watermelon, carrots, and broccoli

  8. Food:

    • High-quality indoor cat food with high protein and low fat (a mixture of Hedgehog Precision and various cat food)

    • Avoid cat foods with Peas- can cause issues with calcium absorption

  9. Heat Source:

    • Individual heat source to maintain a temperature between 75-80 degrees (ceramic heat bulb and lamp with a temperature gauge)

  10. Health:

    • Baby WASH (Aveeno Baby Wash, etc.)

    • Toothbrush or baby brush for occasional baths

    • Kitchen scale to monitor weight gain/loss (measured in grams)

    • Supplements: Reptile calcium with Vitamin D, cricket powder, and pet-friendly CBD

  11. First Aid:

    • Styptic Powder

    • Hand Warmers

    • Oxbow Carnivore Care or Flukers Reptile Boost

    • Syringe

    • Small Cotton Towels

Don't Forget About the Quilling Process:

  • During the quilling process (during the first 6-12 weeks old), occasional baths are recommended. Continue handling your baby during this time.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Join Facebook groups such as "Hedgehogs of the Pacific Northwest" for community support and advice.

Please note that this checklist represents the bare minimum for hedgehog care.

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