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The Adoption Process

Welcome to Our Hedgery!

Before proceeding with the adoption process and sending funds for one of these adorable hedgehog babies, kindly ensure you have discussed your interest with Delilah. We are committed to finding knowledgeable and caring homes for these little urchins.

To continue with the adoption process, we require all potential adopters to submit an application. This step ensures that our hedgehogs are placed in homes where they will receive the best care and attention. Additionally, we kindly request proof of your habitat setup before bringing your new family member home.

We appreciate your dedication to providing a loving and suitable environment for our hedgehogs. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Delilah. Our Waitlist is located on our HedgieBlog tab.

An application must be completed before being added to the waitlist.

Thank you for considering adoption from our Hedgery!

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