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Pedigreed Hedgehogs

Meet Our Breeder

Hello There!

My name is Delilah and I have a slight hedgehog addiction. It all started back in 2015, when hedgehogs first became legal to own in Arizona. What started as a small hobby turned into a lifestyle. I have an entire room dedicated to my hedgery. It's definitely my favorite room in the house.

Not only do I breed hedgehogs, I also educate and rescue. Education is what I enjoy doing the most because I get to interact with a variety of people, making them confident about interacting with hedgehogs.

A little about me... 

I have been working with animals ever since I can remember. I have been a Veterinary Assistant for 10 years and now pursuing a license as a Veterinary Technician. I have also worked as an animal behaviorist as well as a zookeeper. Needless to say, I enjoy being around animals. 

Hedgies In the Pines is a USDA regulated facility.



Haleigh Reeves

I haven’t personally purchased a hedge from y’all but I was put in touch with hedgies in the pine through a Facebook group. I had a older rescued hog named willow. Willow was battling sickness and was loosing teeth and losing weight. Unfortunately at this time I became pregnant and was battling with awful depression. I didn’t have the capability to get her comfortable and do what she needed. After talking they agreed to take her in and do end of life care. The day came slow but fast. But when it was her time to cross they allowed me to spend the day with her on there couch and cry. I loved willow with all my heart. & I was so thankful for them taking her in and keeping her comfortable. I know one day I’ll be a hog mom again and I will be adopting from them. <3

Misty Woodland

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