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2023 Litter Updates

"C" Litter


SDHH Cascade x QBHH Pengu

•Male Bandana Odd eyed with eyeliner- Keeper

• Female Pinto with eyeliner/ smudge markings- available with application

"D" Litter


COI: 0.5%

PMHH Azucar x HITP Bridgerton


"E" Litter

5/3/23 COI: 0.4%

HITP Tulip x KTW Prince •TBD

Future Pairings

•BPH Cake x HITP Bridgerton- COI: 0.1% •HITP Paloma x QBHH Pengu- COI: 0.8% •PMHH Tierra x CFE Thoreau- COI: 0.6%

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