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Our Hedgie Herd Diet- Updated

We have been working on transitioning our hedgehogs to a more natural diet. We are now limiting processed cat food in our kibble mix.

Hedgehog Precision is our hedgehogs main diet. They are currently free fed the Standard Formula. Our pregnant and nursing mothers are given High Calorie when its available for purchase. I cant say enough good things about this food. The kibble size is designed for hedgehogs, the main ingredient is Black Solider Fly larvae, and the customer service is impeccable.

Next is a list of cat foods we recommend:

Please avoid:

Science Diet


Fancy Feast


or any other low quality cat foods




Dubia Roaches

Madagascar Hissing Roaches



Due to the fact that Long Eared Hedgehogs require a more extensive diet we have incorporated it into our African Pygmy Hedgehog and Lesser Tenrec feeding program.

Our mash ingredients do vary with each batch. Some ingredients may also be hard to find depending on your area.



Chicken Hearts

Chicken Gizzards

Chicken or Beef Liver

(rabbit, quail, day old chicks)


Cricket Powder


Calcium with Vitamin D

Flax Meal


Add ins

Quail eggs

Chicken eggs

Bone Broth (liquid or powder)

Dandelion Leaves/ Flowers

Dried Bugs



Alternatives to our mash is Reptilinks:

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