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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2024 brings lots of changes to our herd.

First off- we will no longer be USDA starting end of January. We don’t breed enough to justify a license anymore. Our last 3 years being certified-I maybe had 3 visits total. All inspections were passed. I’ll definitely miss our inspector though. She was the sweetest!

Most importantly, I could not have my animals in a bioactive enclosure under USDA regulations. The well-being of my creatures are by far more important than the title. The transition has already begun too.

We are slowly moving away from totes and bedding and trying to get our herd into larger bioactive and some fleece for the ones that need it. Hoping this can reduce the dust in our home and around the hedgies. We are not condemning the use of bedding. We are just watching out for my allergies.

We are also downsizing the APH herd this year. I will have a maximum of 5 breeding females. Just as a reminder-Each female gets 6 months in between litters. All of our pairings are always under 3% COI but most of our pairings are under 1%.

Our focus this year is on Lesser Tenrecs and Long Eared Hedgehogs.

Thanks for reading!


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