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It’s about time for babies!

As you all know I have been healing from a TBI that occurred this February. This limit the amount of communication I was previously able to do. However, I'm hoping for some improvement so I can continue to have my baby meet and greets. Due to my current condition I just can't have people visit their babies once they put the deposit-for the time being, I can send photos and will still have shortened video chats with future hedge parents. I am very excited for this years batch of babies. It will be my 8th generation of hedgehogs.

This month we've had two litters.

HITP Cinnamon x QBHH Pengu


coi 0.5%

HITP Cruella x PKRS Radagast

3-22-23 coi 0.5%

Cinnamons litter had one female. This little one is staying because mom has a wonderful personality and has been a great mother to her baby. This is cinnamons 2nd litter. She will have one more litter before she retires.

Cruella's litter currently has four spikey beans in view. This is her first litter- so far so good. She is at a perfect weight and the babies are already nursing. I will be keeping a female from this litter as well. I'm expecting very dark masks from this litter. Round bodies and wide teddy bear faces.

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