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So you want to get into hedgehog breeding?

First of all I need you to ask yourself, WHY?

Why do you want to get into breeding hedgehogs?

Because they're cute?

You'll make money?

You want to experience babies?

If those are your reason then maybe rethink your life choices.

Breeding hedgehogs aren't just a hobby.

It's a lifestyle.

I can't stress this enough.

Hedgehogs NEED to be pedigreed. Your job as a breeder to research lines, other breeders and their breeding practices, your market in your area, establishing a mentor with a reputable hedgehog breeder within driving distance, most importantly, constantly researching the ever changing care for this exotic species. Breeding rights is also tacked on by many breeders when they are selling to newbies. Expect $350-500 per hedgehog plus shipping if they aren't driving distance.

You will need to have individual enclosures for every hedgehog you have. I currently occupy an entire room for my small herd in my home. This is because I heat the entire room to benefit them- which also adds to your electricity bill every month. Not only do you need space, you need to invest in wheels, enrichment, hiding places, fleece (or bedding), and most importantly a varied diet. Hedgehogs need bugs in their diet. You may even begin to start breeding your own but 2k meal worms ($50) are gone in a week in our home. Not only the bugs but feeding hedgehogs depending on how many you have, can add up. That expense is only for meal worms alone. Our hedgehogs eat dubia roaches, horn worms, super worms and also wax worms.

You will make life long friends and enemies that have never even spoken to you. The hedgehog community is filled with so many wonderful people that I've established amazing relationships with. However, the longer your in the community the more you notice. The more people you try to work with the more you see how unethical people can be.

Many breeders have the best intentions. We are all in this for the love of hedgehogs but sometimes capitalism sneaks in. I understand we need to make a profit to actually care for our herds. They tend to "pay for themselves" but you are not paid for your time.

Many breeders also breed multiple species. Hedgehog species is more appropriate but some run mills with various animals unrelated to hedgehogs. Not saying that's a problem but please understand with breeding any animal you should be an expert. This responsibility shouldn't be taken lightly. Once you start dabbling in making profit to sustain yourself with various animal breeding program it puts you into another bracket of breeding. You are no longer just a hedgehog breeder but I guess a farm.

Im not saying you can’t be an ethical breeder to various animals but really think about that for a second. Your priorities should be the care and quality of the animals you are producing not how much profit you can make from them.

I do not mentor future hedgehog breeders at this time and I do not sell breeding pairs or give out pedigrees to pet homes.

Pedigrees are only given to trusted reputable breeders.

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