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Our Kibble Mix

The crushed kibble we send home is a mixture of the following:

1.Hedgehog precision- high calorie

2. Simply nourish adult cat food

​-Natural Solutions Digestion- Natural, Ancient Grains, Turkey

​-SOURCE ™ - Natural, Grain Free, High Protein, Rabbit & Chicken

​-Natural Solutions Skin & Coat - Natural, Ancient Grains, Salmon

3. Solid Gold Winged Tiger™ Adult Cat Food - Grain Free, Gluten Free

4.Instinct® Raw Meals Freeze-Dried Cat Food -Grain Free, Chicken

5.Northwest naturals turkey recipe- cat recipe

6. I also supplement with

  • cricket powder

  • collegen powder

  • calcium powder with Vitamin D

  • dried bugs


**Hedgehogs have 44 tiny teeth. They are notorious for having dental issues so crushing the kibble is recommended.larger chunks cause premature wear and may damage their teeth over time.

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