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PNW rescue and Buyer Beware

We have currently stopped our intake for the Hedgehog Welfare Society. We only have so much space. Hopefully this is temporary

We have had a high amount of hedgehogs needing homes this year. We pledge to take in our own animals we produce but it's gotten to the point where the animals coming into my care are from other breeders. Not everyone takes their animals back. It's not profitable. But these animals are starting to show similar features and symptoms.

I'm starting to see a pattern with the hedgehogs coming into my care especially from one of the local breeders in the area. They are small, gaunt, and have been passing away in the first couple years of life. Many come with foul smelling (not that hedgehogs don't stink) loose stools. Obviously could be caused by stress. This is just an observation. Not all owners who relinquish their animals drop them off sick.

There is a breeder in southern washington that has been selling hedgehogs at expos in both the state of Washington AND Oregon. Please understand that many people have filed complaints about this individual. They are no longer welcomed at reptile expos as they are confrontational when called out. An entire litter passed away and each of the 6 hog families have contacted for help. All passed before a year.

This breeder is no longer USDA.

IF you have experienced such problems please reach out. This individual is not being held accountable for their bad breeding practices.

If you have purchased a hedgehog from a reptile expo it was NOT from us.

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