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USDA Inspection

We passed!

Our inspector comes all the way from Seattle to inspect the hedgehog room. She is such a wonderful person and we always appreciate her visits. Unfortunately, I had to opt out of my previous visit a couple weeks ago. I felt guilty knowing she just made the drive but I wasn't able to get out of bed. My world was spinning.

Thankfully she was able to make it today. I introduced her to Cruella and Bilbo. Pandora and Calcifer (LEH) and Snorlax (LTH) were curious about her, watching her walk around the room.

I also was pretty excited about the new air filter my partner made for the hedgehog room.

A box fan. Two air filters. And some duct tape. That little Tik Tok contraption actually works! It's a bit funky looking but it's probably the best air filter I've ever used for MAYBE $10.

I'm also thankful for the kindness the community has shown me during this weird transition. I'm relearning life with this head injury. So, communication can be a bit choppy depending on if my mind can comprehend information that day.

Tomorrow our babies are 4 weeks old. We will finally be taking deposits via Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle.

3 babies are currently pending. All babies require applications.

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